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Hurricane Window Articles

Read hurricane window articles to learn more about these strong and durable replacement windows.

Hurricane Window Basics

Our "basics" page is a great place to start for consumers who have be considering purchasing these strong and costly replacements. Read this primer on design components, laminated glass and general costs to get your feet wet on the subject.

Hurricane Window Basics

Best Impact Windows

See our five selections for the best hurricane window options, including the Simonton 9800, Simonton Stormbreaker, PGT 400 and WinGuard, as well as the Loewen Stormforce.

Best Hurricane Windows

The Buying Process

Buying hurricane windows can be a daunting process. There are certain factors you need to take into consideration before making any decisions, including the number of windows, style of windows and the basic price range you are interested in.

Buying Hurricane Windows

Types Of Glass

There are five main types of hurricane windows, all of which will have at least a DP45 rating. Top rated hurricane windows can have 100 + DP ratings - explore all five options here.

Types Of Impact Glass

Laminated Glass

One of the keys to hurricane or impact windows is laminated window glass. It is used on most or all hurricane windows as an impact resistant barrier for wind, rain and most importantly for debris. In fact it is required for any hurricane window that wants to be designated as such and go through the rigorous testing process.

Laminated Window Glass

Design Pressure Ratings

Design Pressure or DP rating is one of the most important performance numbers that manufacturers and contractors look at when making and installing hurricane windows.

Hurricane Window DP Ratings

Replacement Window Ratings

Some homeowners want to delve more deeply into the performance and ratings of the actual windows themselves. We will explain five important replacement windows ratings, which includes U-factor, Air Infiltration, Solar Heat Gain Coefficient, STC and Visible Transmittance.

Replacement Window Ratings

Getting Quality Bids

Getting quality estimates is one of the most important steps you can take when shopping for hurricane or storm windows. Our four step process should provide you with a commonsense approach to finding great products and installers.

Quality Estimates

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