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Hurricane Window DP Ratings

Design Pressure or DP rating is one of the most important performance numbers that manufacturers and contractors look at when making and installing hurricane windows. Design pressure is a measure of how much pressure a window can withstand from high windows. Hurricane windows must by definition have a DP rating of 45 or higher. Some hurricane windows come in right at the DP45 mark, while others can have DP ratings in excess of 100.

Typical Design Pressure Ratings

Most residential replacement windows have a DP rating somewhere in the 15 to 50 range; of course, the higher the number the stronger the window. For most homeowners living in non hurricane or severe weather environments, DP rating is not all that important. In these cases, it is a good idea to shoot for a window that has a DP rating of 30 or higher, 35 is usually sufficient.

DP Rating Misconceptions

First off, design pressure has very little to do with energy efficiency - it is not nearly as important as say U-factor, AI and SHGC. In locations where hurricanes can threaten a home, DP rating is one of the most important factors to consider. Second, many unknowledgable or unscrupulous sales people will tell you that DP is based on how thick the window frame. This is not necessarily the case. Hurricane windows are strong due to a number of reasons and DP rating usually has more to do with the panes of glass, glazing and seals than the actual frame thickness. So at the end of the day, consumers need to get a window with a 45 DP rating or higher - ask the person who is selling the window what the DP rating is and if they say they don't know, but start telling you how thick the frame is, keep shopping.

Example DP Ratings

Here are some example of Design Pressure ratings from popular manufacturers.


2300 Series - DP50 Rating
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5400 Series - DP50 Rating
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9800 Series With Several Upgrades - DP65 Rating
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