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Explore hurricane window manufacturers and read about their impact window models, series and prices.

Custom Window Systems

Custom Window Systems is an impact window company that does much of its work in Florida. The company enjoys a good reputation as far as producing reasonably priced hurricane windows that are strong and well built.

Custom Window Systems


PGT is a well known window manufacturer in Florida and several other Eastern seaboard states. They produce both aluminum and vinyl hurricane windows that get very good reviews from contractors and homeowners alike. Explore in depth information and pricing on PGT hurricane windows and models, including the 400, WinGuard and PremierVue series.

PGT Impact Windows


The Silverline 9500 Weather Stopper Series is their top of the line window, although it is a relatively affordable option compared to the PGT or Simonton. The code compliant 9500 uses a good vinyl extrusion and...

Silverline Hurricane Windows


Simonton hurricane windows are some of the least expensive models you can buy. In general, Simonton enjoys a good reputation for well made, if somewhat ho hum looking, vinyl windows. They do shine in the impact window department in terms of producing well made hurricane options that won't break the bank.

Simonton Hurricane Windows


Stanek hurricane windows are well made units that are in the mid range of all hurricane window prices. Stanek manufactures good, if somewhat boring looking, windows. The Ultra Extreme is a boldly named window to be sure. It offers a DP70 rating and pretty impressive performance numbers. Get more product information and cost information.

Stanek Hurricane Windows

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