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PGT Hurricane Windows

Explore in depth information and pricing on PGT hurricane windows and models, including the 400, WinGuard and PremierVue series.

PGT Hurricane Windows

PGT is a well known window manufacturer in Florida and several other Eastern seaboard states. They produce both aluminum and vinyl hurricane windows that get very good reviews from contractors and homeowners alike. In fact, PGT is probably the largest manufacturer of hurricane windows in the United States. One of the reasons for their success is that the company laminates much of their own window glass, allowing them to control the quality and end product better than some of the other manufacturers in the region.

PGT 400 Hurricane Window

The PGT 400 is a vinyl frame that uses an aluminum reinforcement in their sash for additional strength. The 400 was orignially labelled as a hurricane window until the company decided to use a lower grade standard glass package. The frame and features on the 400 on impressive and with an upgraded glass package to a laminated glass, the 400 is a decent option for a hurricane window that won't break the bank.

-- Suggested Price: $600 to $700 Installed --

PGT WinGuard Hurricane Window

The WinGuard is PGT's main hurricane window line because it has all of the code requirements to get the hurricane label. The WinGuard comes as either an aluminum or vinyl frame in a number of different styles - single or double hung, horizontal slider, casement or fixed frame. Many contractors and installers consider the window to be a well made and good looking option.

-- Suggested Price: $700 to $800 Installed --

PGT PremierVue Hurricane Window

The PGT PremierVue or 2800 series is a vinyl window frame that is a heavy duty unit that is relatively similar to the WinGuard. The PremierVue reminds a lot of contractors of the Gorell 5400 window, but perhaps a bit better looking than the Gorell option. Both of these windows are going to offer up good ratings that will be fairly comparable to one another. The PremierVue can be limited in its distribution and may not be available to all PGT reps.

-- Suggested Price: $750 to $850 Installed --

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