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Simonton Hurricane Windows

Simonton hurricane windows are some of the least expensive models you can buy. In general, Simonton enjoys a good reputation for well made, if somewhat ho hum looking, vinyl windows. They do shine in the impact window department in terms of producing well made hurricane windows that won't break the bank.

Simonton 9800 Series

The Simonton 9800 vinyl window is not officially a hurricane window and is not promoted by Simonton as such. (Mainly because they are not allowed to since it does not have the required certification and testing credentials.) However, the 9800 can be upgraded with a sash reinforcement, impact tile latch, and laminate glass package to make it quite an effective hurricane window. The laminate glass upgrade (interlayer thickness of .6") is marketed by Simonton as both a security and sound upgrade. These upgrades will elevate the 9800 to a DP 65 rating, which is quite impressive. The end result is a strong window that is much less expensive than almost any certified impact window available.

-- Suggested Price: $450 to $525 Installed --

Simonton Stormbreaker Series

The Simonton Stormbreaker vinyl window is a certified impact window and is thus going to be more expensive than the 9800 series. It uses a .90 interlayer thickness, considerably thicker than the .6 on the 9800. The window includes a tempered exterior pane and a steel reinforcement in the sash rail. Interestingly, the Stormbreaker is also a DP65 window - the measure for how much wind pressure it can withstand. Explore all window ratings here. The Stormbreaker will be stronger in terms of withstanding actual debris hitting the window.

-- Suggested Price: $500 to $600 Installed --

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