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Hurricane Window Prices

Hurricane window prices encompass a big range, anywhere from $500 to $1500 fully installed. There are a whole host of reasons why these windows are so expensive, much of it due to the number of upgrades that go into these windows such as the window glass systems they employ. At the premium price point, homeowners will be paying a bit for the brand name of the manufacturer itself, although this often comes with a better warranty terms etc.

-- Price Range: $500 - $1,500 fully installed --

Entry Level Prices

Entry level hurricane window prices usually refers to a window that is not technically a hurricane window. Manufacturers sometimes opt to forego the "hurricane window" designation to avoid the costly testing and certification process. Nonetheless, these can be well designed and constructed windows that are upgraded with laminated glass, frame fills for added strength and sill reinforcements etc.

Recommended Manufacturers
Simonton 9800
PGT 400

-- Price Range: $500 - $750 fully installed --

Mid Range Prices

Mid range hurricane window prices should be units that carry the "hurricane windows" labels, which means a DP rating of 45 or higher. These will usually come standard with many of the upgrades that we listed inder entry level section. In addition, these windows will probably have a stronger, perhaps bulkier frame than the lower end units.

Recommended Manufacturers
Simonton Stormbreaker
Stanek Ultra Extreme
Gorell 5400

-- Price Range: $750 - $1,000 fully installed --

High End Prices

High end hurricane windows will be from a well known, high end manufacturer and will be specially made windows that combine the very best glass packages, frame construction, seals, glazing etc. with a very aesthetically pleasing interior. An example of this is the Loewen StormForce, which is a beautiful window that is also top notch in its construction.

Recommended Manufacturers
PGT PremierVue
Loewen StormForce Collection

-- Price Range: $1,000 - $1,500 fully installed --

Hurricane Window Calculator

Our hurricane window calculator can help you find industry average impact window prices for every level and it every price point available. Be sure to play around with the calculator by adding different parameters to see how it affects the price range that you will pay. As a general rule of thumb, hurricane impact windows will range in price from approximately $500-$1500 fully installed.

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Storm Window Calculator

Storm window costs will run $100 to $250 fully installed for a normal window opening. This equates to approximately $20 to $50 per square foot fully installed. Installation costs on storm windows are relatively straightforward and should run $25 to $75 per opening, depending on whether they are installed on the inside or the outside of the home and the overall condition of your frames and sills.

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