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Custom Window Systems vs PGT

We've been considering hurricane windows from Custom Windows but there does not seem to be much information about them. I was looking for any opinions on these or other alternatives that my wife and I should consider. Any info abt PGT windows would be great.

Wendell - Homeowner - from 2011

[Contractor Response]

You have choosen two very good options. CWS makes nice impacts that are well made and they are usually competitively priced. I just completed a job and both the contractor and homeowner thought they looked great. The CWS has a great latch and a really cool auto lock, both features I really like. vOn the other hand, PGT makes a couple of well good impacts that will be a bit more in price, but they are probably also a bit better quality. CWS does not offer a double hung, mainly because they want to make sure each style is code compliant.

The other options I like are the Gorell 5400 and the Silverline for the more budget conscious consumer. The 5400 is bulky, but is a really strong imact and they offer very quick turnaround time. Silverline surprisingly makes a nice one as well, their 9500 series, with a snap lock similar to the CWS.

Jimmy - Contractor - from 2011

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