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Simonton Hurricane Windows Reviews

Explore Simonton hurricane windows reviews from contractors, homeowners and professional installers. For pricing information, check out our Simonton impact window costs here.

Simonton, Gorell or PGT?

We've been researching impact windows going on 6 months and my head is swimming from everything. Its for an income property and we have three good bids from what seem to me to be qualified installers. All three quotes are for vinyl windows; the Softlite Gorell 5300 window, PGT 510 model and the Simonton StormWatcher 300. I'm curious what people thing of these assuming the installation is equal. Thanks in advance.

John - Homeowner - from 2014

[Contractor Response]

PGT has a very good reputation for manufacturing solid products, specifically those designed to endure storms. The 500 series is a very solid choice.

Simonton makes an average vinyl window, but is very good in terms of warranty and customer service.

Soft-lite had a fantastic reputation for product design and customer service, but once they purchase Gorell they did the exact same thing as all the other companies, which is to not honor the warranty commitments on the Gorell products. This really makes me scratch my head because while they may save money in the short run, I'll never use them again because I know they don't stand behind their products. Gorell was a good company, but now that they are done I wouldn't buy the remaining windows they have because there is absolutely no warranty on them. Anyone who tells you there is is trying to sell you a bill of goods.

Dale - Contractor - from 2014

Viwinco vs Simonton

I'm searching for new construction windows for my home that we will be building on the east coast. My builder likes Simonton and Viwinco impact windows for both the sliding glass doors and windows. My question is how good are both these products and will they meet coastal impact code.

Bill - Homeowner - from 2014

[Contractor Response]

I don't know anything about Viwinco so I'm not going to comment on them, but the Simonton Stormbreaker is a tank. Well built and decent looking. It should meet code for any residential home, but your builder will always have to double check that the style and options you choose will comform to code. Simonton is generally considered is a mid range window, although they do enjoy a very good reputation in customer service.

Errin - Contractor - from 2014

Simonton Stormbreaker vs PGT

I'm in St. Petersburg and had quotes on both the StormBreaker Plus 300VL as well as the PGT PremierVue and Winguard and pitched to me. I'm leaning towards the PGT, but the price was quite a bit more expensive. I actually got two quotes on PGT and in both cases the PremiereVue was more than the Winguard - the two bids differed, but it was about $100 more per window for the PremiereVue. Is the PremiereVue worth the extra money? They said something about the PremiereVue being better in terms of code compliant if codes should change in the future, but this sounded like a sales technique more than anything else.

Sebastian - Consumer- from 2012

[Contractor Response]

The PGT is better than the Simonton and the WinGuard would be my pick over the PremiereVue (these two are very close - the WinGuard is Class D rated). I don't think it;s worth $100 more per window. I would stick with single hungs instead of the double hungs - save yourslef some money and the SH will get a better DP rating. The PGT WinGuard is a very nice window and the design and craftsmanship are impressive.

Sebastian - Contractor - from 2012

Simonton 9800 or Gorell

We have a house in Daytona Beach that needs all new windows. Our contractor is pushing the Simonton 9800 series with a laminated glass. I have to say I like this option because its much cheaper than anything else we've looked at and apparently with the glass up upgrade and wood shutters will will be fine in terms of code. I would love to get some opinions on the 9800 and if there are some better options out there.

Darell - Homeowner - from 2011

[Contractor Response]

The 9800 Series is a good option if you get the laminated glass and the sash reinforcement. I believe with both of these upgrades the window should meet the Florida impact window code, but definitely check with Simonton and your contractor to make sure this is true. It's a much cheaper way to go - I also like the 5400 Gorell, especially with their Armour Glass option. The Simonton Stormbreaker is also a good option - it's their official impact window and more expensive than the 9800.

Rick - Installer - from 2011

[2nd Contractor Response]

The 9800 is a good window with .060 laminate glass and this would certainly provide lots more strength during a storm. I would suggest going with the High TL 9800 double hung model. It uses a high tilt latch, the same one that's on their StormBreaker. If you also get the sash reinforcement I believe the window will have a DP65. You may want to compare it to their StormBreaker in terms of price, but I would imagine the 9800 would still be cheaper.

Sebastian - Contractor - from 2011

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