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Stanek Window Reviews

Read Stanek window reviews on their popular Ultra Extreme hurricane windows from both homeowners and contractors alike. Click to explore Stanek impact window prices.

Hurricane Window With Color Options

I'm in the Florida area and need to upgrade my windows to an impact window but I also I have some access to exterior colors. Does anyone have any advice for me on which companies offer a good hurricane window and also have some nice exterior and hopefully interior colors on a nice vinyl window?

Holly - Homeowner - from 2014

Contractor's Response

Stanek Windows is based several hours from Clearwater Florida and their window, I can't quite remember the name, the ultra something has an amazing DP rating. I believe it is something like a DP 70 on the double Hung and it is a strong and well built window. They offer a bunch of colors I believe.

Bill - Contractor - from 2014

Contractor Opinions

I think the Stanek hurricane window is a solid performer, with one caveat. The pocket still design is an inherent flaw and it is inferior to a sloped sill. Manufacturers use this pocket cell instead of a welded slopes sell in order to save money and time, but it takes away from the integrity and strength of the window itself. Another reason that manufacturers use a pocket still is it actually helps in the DP rating even though it is a poor design. I would really like to see Stanek convert to the slope cell, but I'm sure they're knocking a listen to me. The problem with the pocket still is that when water gets into the frame it can clog the weep holes.

Dale - Contractor - from 2014

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